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Spending most of her adult life working in a technical and engineering world, our founder still found fashion held a special place in her heart. “Fopping” (a/k/a “shopping”) was one of her first words as a young child and she has always found herself intrigued by the allure of shopping and clothing. It was in college she first discovered the extra amount of confidence an outfit could inspire. On days where she had a test, she would always wake up early and ‘dress up’. While the rest of her classmates showed up to exams in gym clothes, she found she consistently scored higher on tests on the days where she would make sure she was put together before leaving the house. And it worked – she graduated magna cum laude in 2007.

After helping to run a successful online sports memorabilia business for several years with her husband, Kimberly found it was time to expand their horizons out of the sports world and into a domain that she held close to her heart. Already a pro at taking online orders, packing, and shipping, sourcing a new type of product became a fun adventure. And so, Athena Attire was born.

The inspiration behind the name for Athena Attire is two-fold. First, Kimberly wanted to pay homage to the quirky little college town of Athens, Georgia that she grew up in as all of its trendy fashion boutiques only helped grow her love of fashion. Secondly, as an engineer Kimberly wanted a name that conveyed a power and intelligent woman instead of just a cutesy play on words for her clothing boutique for women. As the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration, Athena is the perfect representative of the strong, independent women we sell to.

And so Athena Attire was born… now providing style and confidence to women across the country!

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